The Original Cannoli E-liquid Review




Whether you eat it with a fork or vape it! Cannoli is the Italian version of every doughnut vape on the market. It’s pretty rough to tamper with something good, like the man said “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”. This one has the pleasure of being in a class all it’s own. Three amazing flavors grace your tastebuds. From simplicity to complex, always creamy and buttery with a rich and satisfying finish!

Original Cannoli: Buttery, flakey crust wrapped around a creamy thick and rich butter-cream filling.

Banoli Cannoli: For you Banana lovers out there! Rich banana cream tucked inside a warm, flakey dough crust.

Very Berry: Ripe raspberry, tart blueberry and sweet strawberry blended in a cream filling wrapped in a light flaky crust.

So few things in life get to be this good and actually LAST! My favorite was the original. Nothing beats a classic! And these guys nailed it in the head with this one. The berry was a bit tart for me, but the blend was great and creamy. While the banoli was my second fave. i LOVE a good banana flavor! Rich and creamy with all the characteristics of a great desert taste!

Now here’s the deal, not everyone likes the same stuff! 😉 I can’t tell you how many people get a hold of me and ask me if I’m actually serious about endorsing a brand! Look at the facts: quality following, quality ingredients, mission of the brand and status of sales. These are things that I keep in mind when reviewing a line. Wether you agree with me or not, I still love ya! But seriously, try it for yourself! If your a desert lover, this will be among the pinnacle of your experiences!

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